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Investment Basics: Investing in Taxable Accounts

The Market Growth Curve Will Get Flatter

Investment Basics: Consider Taxes in a Partial Sale

A Second Hurricane and Its Impact

Ending August on a High Amid Low Notes

Investment Basics: Lagging Returns? Blame Your Disposition

Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on the Markets

Investment Basics: Handing over Control

Investment Basics: Market Ups and Downs: Making the Best of a Sure Thing

Get Your Shades Ready!

If Cooler Heads Don’t Prevail…

Investment Basics: Resolve To Clean Your Financial House

Gauging the Health of the U.S. Consumer

Investment Basics: The Mutual Fund Dilemma

Investment Basics: Borrowing Money - Know The Risks

Stock Market Status July 2017

Changes to the Traditional Family Vacation

Investment Basics: Getting the Most Out of Your Resources

Investment Basics: 65 and Still Saving

Diverging Viewpoints…Who Wins?

Investment Basics: Spending Less on Your Getaway

Summer 2017 Economic Market Commentary

Investment Basics: A Heads-up for the Soon-to-Retire Crowd

No More Stress for You

Investment Basics: Finding Your Fit

One big game of Monopoly

Bo Knows Investing, Do You?

Investment Basics: Assess the Risks to Your Assets

Diversification is Key!

Investment Basics: Beneficiary Designations — Are Yours Up to Date?

Mind the Gap

Investment basics: Smart Strategies for Any Market

Investment Basics: Hone Your Financial Smarts

Are traditional retailers joining the dinosaurs?

Is Technology Not Politics Driving the Stock Market?

Investment Basics: Overview of Bond Strategies

Stock Selection - Where is the Value?

Investment Basics: A Flexible, Multipurpose Planning Tool

Full Steam Ahead!

Investment Basics: Pass Along Your Investing Knowledge

Plenty of Rain and Shine: A Recap of the Dr. Lori Event

Investment Basics: Achieving Financial Security

Phrasing the Questions, or Nobody’s Right if Everybody’s Wrong*

Are You Concentrating Too Much?

Investment Basics: Is Prepaying a Mortgage Worth It?

The Last Two Times After The Government Reported Data Like This, Stocks Crashed

Investment Basics: In the Spotlight - Financial Goals

An Often Overlooked Strategy – Tax Diversification

Investment Basics: A Financial Foundation - That’s What I Want

"Animal Spirits"

Investment Basics: Couples and Money Styles: Not Always a Perfect Match

Is the Trump Trade Over?

Investment Basics: Find a Penny, Save It Up

Meet Roth IRA: Your Best Friend in Retirement

Investment Basics: Measuring Your Progress

"Lord, Baseball is a Worrying Thing."

Preparing For Ever Increasing “Golden Years”

Investment Basics: Rate Your 2017 Finances

“To the Moon, Alice!”

Investment Basics: Let’s Talk Strategies

Buy, Buy, Buy…Sell, Sell, Sell…or…Hold?

Investment Basics: Saving Savvy

5 Reasons Why You Need a Roth IRA

IRA Income Restrictions? Consider the Backdoor

Investment Basics: Financial Wellness Throughout Your Life

S&P 500 Volatility

Investment Basics: Managing an Inheritance

The Path to Higher Rates

Investment Basics: Total Return — An Investment’s Bottom Line

Investment Basics: Social Security — How Much Will You Keep?

An Underwhelming Response

2017 Resolution #2: Take Your Family On A Financial Road Trip With This Checklist

A New Administration

Investment Basics: Paper Losses in Perspective

Is Your Company Ready for What’s To Come in 2017?

Investment Basics: To Roth or Not to Roth?

Putting Recent Market Behavior in Perspective

2017 Resolution #1: Get Your Finances Into Shape

There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

Investment Basics: Investment Income and Taxes

2016 Market Reflections

Investment Basics: Get in the Habit — Smart Investing Habits to Adopt This Year

All I Want After Christmas Is A Santa Claus Rally!

Investment Basics: Your Retirement Savings: Making Up for Lost Time

The Fed and President Elect Trump at Odds

Investment Basics: When Interest Rates Rise

Twenty-Four Little Hours…

Investment Basics: The Risk Conundrum

Get a Head Start on 2017 and Schedule a Financial Review Now

Investment Basics: ’Tis the Season for Charitable Giving

3 Reasons Why Consistency Is Key with 401Ks

Investment Basics: Traveling Overseas for Your Investments

The Holiday Shopping Season Has Begun!

Mobile and Online Shopping Tips: The Nice and Naughty List

Short Term Unpredictability in the Markets

Investment Basics: Holiday Budget: It's Not an Oxymoron

The 2016 Election and the Impact on the Markets

Investment Basics: Is Your Foundation Rock Solid?

What Happens Next?

Investment Basics: A Two-Minute Economics Course

Ghosts and Goblins of Inflation

Investment Basics: "Inherit" Some Good Financial Habits

Open Season: 4 Ways to Help Employees Bag the Best Benefits for 2017

The Laws of Diminishing Returns and Unintended Consequences Are Still On the Books

Investment Basics: Sector Funds: Another Way To Diversify

7 Ways Great Companies Help Employees Maximize Yearly Benefit Packages

Strategies to Protect Yourself from Inflation

Investment Basics: ADRs — Foreign Stocks at Home

Investment Basics: What Style Suits You?

The U.S. Labor Market: A Bright Spot for the Economy

The Fourth Quarter

Investment Basics: Net Worth Know-How

How To Teach Your Kids The Value of a Dollar

Low Interest Rates & Housing Prices

Investment Basics: Financial Ratios 101

Investment Basics: Making Your Biggest Investment Decision

Retirement: Then Vs. Now

Got Babies? Get a Financial Planner

Breaking Down GDP

Investment Basics: Staying Ahead of Inflation

Thoughts While Walking the Dog....

Investment Basics: Don't Drop the Ball - Financial Planning Continues After You Retire

A Resilient U.S. Economy

Investment Basics: Helping You Plan — A Revocable Living Trust

Mind the Gap: Why Women in Sioux City Need to Save More for Retirement Than Men

Investment Basics: Asset Allocation - It’s Personal!

The U.S. Consumer is Still Intact

5 Steps Every Woman Should Take Toward Retirement

Investment Basics: Scare Off Those Excuses for Not Investing

Job Market Growth: Slow and Steady

Real Estate - Gold Medal Performance

Investment Basics: The Scoop on Stocks

Portfolio Risk: Understanding the Upside/Downside Capture Ratio

Investment Basics: What Your Children Should Know About Your Finances

Central Bank Watch

Investment Basics: Managing Taxes on Your Retirement Savings

Why A Prudent, Conservative Financial Plan Is Always Important

Investment Basics: Trust and Investment Services - Meeting Your Individual Needs

Investment Basics: Will You Be Ready To Retire?

Why Reducing Volatility Matters for Increasing Long-Term Returns

What You Need To Know About College Savings Accounts

Managing Risk is a Key Component to Investing

Investment Basics: Survival Strategies for Volatile Markets

Brexit: The Impact and Moving Forward

Investment Basics: Helping Your Financial Professional Help You

Valuation, History’s Best Market Indicator

Investment Basics: Become a Wise Investor

You're Never Too Young For A Financial Advisor

FOMC Meeting: Economy and Rates Update

Investment Basics: Getting a Handle on Rising Rates

Is the U.S. Economy Immune to the World Slowdown?

Investment Basics: Financial Planning — It’s for Everyone

Get To Know SNB Wealth Management Team: Meet Michelle Holmes

Investment Basics: Actively Managed ETFs — Something To Consider?

The Definition of "Trend" GDP Growth

Investment Basics: Adding Bonds to the Mix

The Housing Market and Your Finances

7 Ways to Simplify Your Home Remodeling Project

Investment Basics: An Extra Boost from Compounding

An Inside Look at the New MoneyGuidePro®

ADP Report: GDP Growth Slows, Hourly Pay Rises

Investment Basics: A Dividend Discussion

A Look At Market Concentration Risk

Investment Basics: A Nitty-Gritty Guide to Making a Budget

Investment Basics: A Better Way To Use Your Tax Refund

The Season of Quarterly Earnings Reports

5 Tips To Make Your Income Tax Refund Go Further

Investment Basics: A Mini Guide for the Mutual Fund Investor

A Look Inside The Federal Reserve

Does Your Will Need An Update?

Random Thoughts About Randomness

Investment Basics: Combine and Simplify

Bulls and Bears

Four Basics Retirement Participants Need To Know

Active vs. Passive Management: The Reoccurring Debate

A Look At Negative Interest Rates

Investment Basics: Why Your Choice of Trustee Matters

Get To Know SNB Wealth Management Team: Meet Michael Moreland

Equity Markets Swiftly Move Higher

Investment Basics: The Benefits of Bonds

Election Years And The Market

Investment Basics: A Glossary of Health Insurance Terms

How To Double Your Retirement Preparedness With One Phone Call

Investment Basics: An Investor’s All-Season Strategy

Resilience of the U.S. Economy

Investment Basics: A Plan for Managing Debt

A Deeper Dive Into Diversification

Investment Basics:  Your Personal Financial Ratios

Recent U.S. Jobs Report and Outlook Are Positive

Investment Basics: Tax Season Preparation Tips

A Rocky Financial Start To The Year

Are You Ready? A Financial Checklist for the New Year

Emotional Investing & Recency Bias

Why Is Your Friend's Return On Investment Higher Than Yours?

Investment Basics: Patience Pays Off

An Open Letter To Clients Regarding The Market

Investment Basics: How To Be A Chill Investor

Similar Market Theme, Just Different Year

Investment Basics: Addressing Volatility with Diversification

Are The Cracks Of China Spreading To The Rest Of The World?

The Worst Year for Stocks Since 2008

Your 2015 End-of-Year Financial Checklist

11 Year Low for Oil Prices as Global Supply Balloons

The Zero-Rate Era is Officially Over!

Investment Basics: Navigating Social Media

Investment Basics: How to Handle Jumpy Markets

Investment Basics: Big Picture Investing

Investment Basics: Buying vs. Renting

Investment Basics: Diversifying Your Portfolio

Investment Basics: A Two-Minute Economics Course

Investment Basics: A Beginner's Guide to Investing

Investment Basics: Asset Allocation

Investment Basics: Setting Investment Goals

Investment Basics: Weathering Stormy Markets

Investment Basics: Planning a Revocable Living Trust

Investment Basics: The Risks of Borrowing Money

Investment Basics: Achieving Financial Security

Investment Basics: Pros and Cons of Having A Mortgage In Retirement

Investment Basics: Beneficiary and Asset Designations

5 Year-End Tactics To Save Money On Taxes

Reviewing Current Financial Strategies for the Year Ahead

Investment Basics: Searching For The Right Trustee

Investment Basics: IRA and Retirement Plan Asset Traps

Investment Basics: Avoiding Investment Mistakes

Investment Basics: What Bonds Can Do For Your Portfolio

Investment Basics: Tax Tip

Investment Basics: Diversification – The Tax Angle

Investment Basics: Making Lifetime Gifts Without Tax Worries

Investment Basics: Your Computer Workstation

4 Helpful Retirement and Tax Planning Strategies

An Action Plan for an Action-Packed Retirement

Saving For Retirement: How Much Is Enough?

Close to Retiring? 6 Strategies to Boost Your Retirement Savings

Welcome to the Real World! Ready to Retire?

Your Investment Personality and What It Means For Retirement [Quiz]